The Daily Hunger

~ Saturday, May 21 ~

May 20 2011

it just gets worse and worse. :( so i did go for my run, and I did stay within my calorie limit yesterday and i felt great actually not hungry, i was really happy. and today was a good day too for the most part. and then i got a craving for ice cream. and everything got shot to hell. and then i had wheat thins. and beer. and popsicles. and i honestly don’t know why i binged because i wasn’t hungry at all. it’s almost as if i have stronger will power when i’m starving than when i’m not. anyways i ate so much i felt really uncomfortable, so i made myself sick. now, i’d never done it before, and i didn’t really think  in all honesty that i’d be able to because i have a really great (i guess) gag reflex. but i did it, not much, but enough to relieve the discomfort. only now i’m afraid with the way that i am that it will become a habit…. no pictures today because i’m embarrassed enough  as it is. I promise some tomorrow. goodnight.


realgirl-realbody said: wow. I honestly would kill to have your body. I know that you may not think so, but you have an awesome body, and you look gorgeous :)

thank you. that’s really really kind of you to say, but unfortunately i do hate it :(  most days that is. some days I love my body. but thank you again.

~ Wednesday, May 18 ~
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The New Diet

Basically how it works is similar to the ABC diet, but not really at all. Like most diets, I’ll restrict my intake, and like the ABC diet, the daily caloric intake values will drop and rise, and be intermittently replaced with days of fasting. This new diet counts ALL calories, fruits veggies, drinks (even coffees and teas you little cheaters) and exercise is mandatory on the high calorie days. It plays out as follows (oh and if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say 8 minute abs,legs,buns and arms here are the links: ABS, LEGS, BUNS, ARMS )

Day 1- 450 cals [5km run, 8 minute arms, legs, buns, and abs]

2- 450 cals [ cardio + 8 minute arms, legs, buns, and abs]

3- 200 cals [8 minute arms, legs, buns and abs] (the workout on this day is my own punishment and therefore not necessary to anyone else trying this)

4- 300 cals [ cardio + 8 minute arms and legs]

5- 100 cals 


7- 250 cals 

8- 500 cals [ cardio + 8 minute buns and abs]

9- 300 cals [8 minutes arms and legs]

10- 150 cals

11- FAST

12- 200 cals 

13- 450 cals [cardio + 8 minute buns and abs]

14- 400 cals [cardio + 8 minute arms and legs]

15- 250 cals 

16- FAST

17- 100 cals

18- 350 cals [8 minute arms and legs]

19- 500 cals [cardio + 8 minute buns and abs]

20 - 450 cals [cardio + 8 minute arms and legs]

21- 400 cals [cardio + 8 minute buns and abs]

22- 300 cals [ 8 minute buns and abs]

23- 150 cals

24- FAST

25- 200 cals

26- 350 cals [ 8 minute buns and abs]

27- 500 cals [cardio + 8 minute buns and abs]

28- 450 cals [cardio + 8 minute legs and arms]

29- 250 cals

30- 100 cals

View success and repeat


So for the past week or so I’ve only been eating about 600 cals. Which is including fruits and veggies and it’s been rather difficult for me because my roommates always have nutella or other such delicious stuff laying around. But for the past while I’ve been VERY good at sticking to the 600 cal cap. Except for today. Where I nearly doubled my intake. 1200 cals is normal, it’s what any healthy person typically SHOULD be taking in, but i ate about 600 calories in 30 minutes and I feel sick. Here’s some pictures of what my shameful fat body looks like today. As an aside however, I’m drinking skinny tea tonight, which will rid my body of all the shit I ate, and I’ve punished myself adequately for today by making myself RUN (god forbid) 5km tomorrow, as well as doing 8 minute abs,legs,arms,and buns for the next 3 days as well as lowering my calories to 450 also for the next 3 days. Somehow, now the 600 calories don’t seem worth it (though they totally were). Also going to be starting a new diet which I’ll post in a separately. Ughhh my pudgy body. Disgusting.

~ Tuesday, May 17 ~

myperceptionofperfection said: ooh! ♥ your blog. thanks for following :)

No  problem! Thank you!! :)


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